Just a firewall

Hi., i have used and really liked comodo, but as of late i find that no one seems to make a firewall that is just a firewall. It seems that all the companies are throwing all the eggs into one basket which is going to be difficult for the average user.There are so many questions asked when installing and running things i wonder how may people just tic “yes” and never actually read what they ticked. The competition as i see it is between Comodo and online armour which with latest update has started crashing my pc. I guess the issue is with so much junk out there in the internet its really hard to get away without all the addons security, even my son has stopped using internet explorere and is actually keeping his machine clean. Mind you i must thank you guys at Comodo for doing the poor out there a service and providing the free firewall. I like flightsimming and likre to keep my machine lean and clean without all the other activity going on to give the sim all the room it neads. With comod it didnt appear to have any effect on performance when on or off which is good, well bak to drawing board might give lates ver a go.

The CIS installer is very configurable and you can install what ever parts of CIS you want. COMODO has never (and will never) force anyone to install something they don’t want to.

COMODO is currently working on huge usability improvements.


(:KWL) I for one agree with that statement,I looked all day and never did find just a download for a firewall . They were all part of at least a two way program at the very least. What happened to the days when everything could be downloaded seperately?

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Sorry I believe because only one driver is used for all cmdagent, it has to be like that with options to install what you like ie:- firewall or firewall + Defence+ etc.
This also leaves options to install other modules without uninstalling like Firewall+Defence+ then you can install Antivirus later.
Thank you