Just a bit of info

Hi Guys

here is a bit of info you all may be interested in.
make - HP pavilion dv6 i5
System - windows 7 ultimate
ram - 4 gig
HHD - 500 gig
Nvidia video card - 1 gig

Av scan
objects - 179575
scan time - 14min 17 sec

Spyware scan
objects - 40872
scan time - 34 sec

memory usage (approx)
cfp.exe - 3100
cmdagent - 7200

Leak test still not up to speed but I know it will get better.

shadha :comodo110:

Whats the point of this?

just a bit of info. Do you have a problem with this.

I also do.

I don’t actually see who could be “intererested” by what, despite of what you are saying is the zero level of “information”, merely stating “facts” perfectly useless to everyone and not even bringing whatever discussion (assuming it wouldn’t itself be useless because of large os, hardware and software variabilities) about what these values should be.

yea whatever. maybe somebody might be interested.


Shadha has every right to post whatever he likes here,if you don’t find it of any use or interest,simple…don’t read it!

brucine, I have split off the other posts to here. Please do not post any more off-topic stuff here. Thanks.

Relevant question from brucine to shadha [with some editing] below.

Okay thread IMO!

Its good knowing a scan for him takes 14min 17 sec… Maby he can redo this test at the next version or something and then we will have some sort of idea if the new version is “better” in terms of speed.

Just a thought.


My view, Brucine, consider yourself warned and on notice, any further outbursts such as this WILL result in your account being banned.

i did a my computer scan as well earlier today and noticed that the speed increased greatly. what took about 40 or so mins. before now took about 15. great job comodo

Thanks for your support guys and the comments made by Commanding The Celsius are a very good idea. On the next update I will do exactly that.
shadha :slight_smile:

Next test, could please include your CPU type and speed.

This way, other users will have a more complete idea of your platform for either comparison against their system or comparison against other AVs.

Ewen :slight_smile:

He quoted the make/model of his laptop and that one has an Intel Core i5-430M - 2.26 GHz processor. This processor has dual core and with hyperthreading can run 4 threads simultaneously.

Hope that helps.

Sorry, I missed that, even after reading it twice. :wink:

He should include his HDD, as that will make a major difference on performance also (i.e. 5400 rmp vs 7200 rmp vs 10,000 rpm vs SSD drives). When comparing, it is best to know exactly what you are comparing against.

Do I have that same right too?

This forum could get awfully crowded if we all start spewing out topics with our system specs and scan times.

Anyway, just to be on-topic (if there is much of a topic, which may be disputed), cfp.exe and cmdagent.exe each take up 1.5 MB of RAM (I have CIS 4) on my PC. Is, in your experience, CIS 5 heavier or lighter than v. 4?

I think they are both heavy. Virtual memory + ram is about 600meg for me, and disk io and cpu time tends to be heavy also. CIS while great with protection, is on the heavy side in terms of system resources.

Let me see if I remember correctly…is virtual memory slower than RAM, and stored on the HDD (in pagefile.sys?)?

How do I get both to show on task manager? I'm not sure which column to display...right now I have the "Memory (Private Working Set)" column displayed.

Try view, select columns, or use Process Explorer(it’s free).