Just a bit of info (brucine)

Do you have a problem with this.

A post was written: i suppose that the function of a post in a forum, unless we create some new category called “please do not read”…is to be read by everybody.

A question followed this first post: unless i missed something about how a forum is supposed to work, Shadha is indeed entitled to write everything he likes (even apparently in the wrong section, is what he has to say related to “beta corner”?) , and the other members of the community equally entitled to answer the said question the way they like as long as they respect the forum rules when doing so.

In the same spirit, we have to guess that the following guy is entitled to submit as FP the files of whatever game on earth, including keygens, and that, instead of the said thread being moderated, an answer should be given not even by a moderator…but by a staff member?

In such a situation, the forum rules deserve to be made clearer for everybody.

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brucine, this (and especially the cited FP topic… which Comodo staff members usually respond to - what’s this about?) is a rather odd and mostly off-topic post. I assume that shadha has posted his info here because it specifically pertains to CIS 5 and he’s posting his scan times (of which there has been some criticism). What am I missing?

and especially the cited FP topic.. which Comodo staff members usually respond to - what's this about?
In every legit forum i know of, whatever topic speaking of keygens (even if only asking is the said keygen is a FP or a malware, is it a joke?) is moderated: period.
a rather odd and mostly off-topic post. I assume that shadha has posted his info here because it specifically pertains to CIS 5 and he's posting his scan times

To be somehow “off-topic”, one should in the first place know where the topic is “on”:
I was not the one to ask this very question:

Whats the point of this?
And for yourself,
I assume
, like everyone does, as the OP has at no time specified what the topic was, but only reported some numbers without any comment. Do we have to make at least 2 assumptions as soon as someone writes something in order to understand what he means?

All of this for sure would not have deserved to make a fuss about it if the OP had specified what he meant (we still don’t know it, we ASSUME) instead of being agressive (

Do you have a problem with this
) and if other users hadn’t been denied the right to make an answer (
Shadha has every right to post whatever he likes here,if you don’t find it of any use or interest,simple…don’t read it!
), creating a new concept where someone is free “to post whatever he likes” while other people are not to post whatever they like as an answer.

Now, all of us could come back on topic if by any chance the OP would be kind enough to tell us what the said topic is but, stil waiting for it at the time speaking, there’s no topic, and therefore nothing off or on.

brucine, you seem to be saying that because you didn’t understand the topic and you also felt that the OP’s response was aggressive, that you were justified in posting the FP stuff by another user and all the other stuff. Is that correct?

You can’t go on on a discussion if splinting it in 2 parts (one to be said “on topic” and the other “off topic”) before anyone is able to tell what the topic is.

The thread you created yourself is not a PM: everyone shall be reading it, giving still lesser chances to understand what in the beginning was ununderstandabe.

You are not fair either in quoting me only partially, what you modified in the said thread:

.. Now, [if the] OP [Original Poster] would be kind enough to tell us what [this] topic is [about].. [Thanks].
is not what i actually wrote, and no one has the right to claim he quotes someone when factually he does not.

This being said, and despite your later statement:

you seem to be saying that because you didn't understand the topic
noting that the 2 persons that ever commented (Blacklist and myself) didn't understand anything about what the topic was about, but implying that you did, the way you truncated my quote clearly shows the opposite: i am glad to see that everyone seems to agree about this evidence.

I have no personal feelings; to the question of Blacklist asking

Whats the point of this?
, and clearly asking for explanations, an answer not giving any details or the beginning of a comment but only stating
Do you have a problem with this
is definitely agressive street language in everyone words, not only with mine.

Last, and about the lack of moderation concerning a guy asking if a cheated keygen was or was not a FP, some people have been banned for less, while there effectively was a moderation in the thread you are referring to:

Shadha has every right to post whatever he likes here,if you don't find it of any use or interest,simple...don't read it!
while no one had done anything else then to use his freedom of speech in the respect of the forum rules. No one ever writes anything in a forum (altough the lack of further intervention from shadha might be a precedent, and that you are yourself asking him to explicit what he means) if not wanting some reactions, including negative ones. And, in the circumstance, i wasn't even negative, as there obviously is no topic and therefore nothing to talk about.

These were my only initial words, and would have remained as such or, in the opposite, would have seen me participate in some debate if shadha had started one after his initial statement, and altough it is a very unusual procedure: when people state whatever facts (and still more when they are subjective), they are always are assorted with a question, comment, opinion…

My further reaction was due to the fact that a moderator (if not thinking that someone tried to keep shadha from speaking, totally untrue from me), thought that no one had the right to comment what shadha said (or more exactly stated).

I did not make any fault, i fully respected the forum rules (and i particularly did not make any attack “ad hominem”): i don’t have to justify of whatever, and i don’t have, like i did, more or less then shadha to be told what i am free to write or not.

I think that is enough. In my opinion, you are at fault and, despite your claims to the contrary, in violation of forum policy (topic pollution at the very least). In addition, I do not personally feel inclined to waste any more time on you.

If you wish to complain about what I have done or how I have done it, then please feel free to contact another Moderator and ask for this to be reviewed.

Topic locked.