Juniper SSL VPN software and Comodo Firewall

I am using Juniper Networks Windows Secure Application Manager. This provides VPN connections over SSL to my work.

I find that when this is installed with Comodo Firewall Pro installed - the first time you use it it works but after a reboot of Windows XP it now fails. The Firewall shows attempts to connect to the VPN LAN addresses - not the actual ip address. It looks like the Winsock LSP samnsp.dll (v is being bypassed so the ip address not routed via the SAM.

Previously I have found by reinstalling Comodo firewall with the Winsock LSP installed has fixed the problem has fixed the problem.

Last time it was quite a bit of work to get back my firewall security settings - is they any way to fix without a reinstall - if not is they any way to retain the current options over a reinstall.

I managed to get the backup and restore of registry entries to work to get this reinstalled
with the previous options. Initially I gave up and did a system restore upon being greeted with
all the Comodo options turned off and unable to activate any. If anyone tries to do this it appears
a reload of Windows XP resolves this (strangely not mentioned in the FAQ).

So Juniper SSL VPN Client is now working again but a lot of hassle to get this done. I am hoping they don’t update the software very often as it is real pain. Anyhow any idea how to resolve without a reinstall for next time ?