JPGs disappearing

I have a problem with any jpg disappearing when copied from an external drive or from the net or from a disk… this only occurs when the Comodo suite is running. Any suggestions folks?

Welcome to the forum timothyskinner :slight_smile:

Have you checked the logs for any blocked events in Defense+ /View Defense+ Events.


Yes, nothing in Defense logs. I always run with cfp.exe even when disconnected from router. I have been running with a minimum of processes over the past month (a game loves memory) but never without cfp.exe. The phenomenon of occasionally disappearing jpg pics has continued beginning about 2 years ago. It tends to occur when copying or moving a jpg from one file to another (the child disappears). Newly created or renamed jpgs can disappear but only rarely. Downloaded jpgs have no more and no less immunity. I am using XP 32bit, no other anti-virus or anti-malware except Comodo suite.

any suggestions anyone? Comodo worthless if it does things like this?

I would have to say your situation is unique. I haven’t heard of anyone having this problem before, and I don’t know why Comodo would be doing this.