Josh (3xist) is back!

He’s back! I knew he couldn’t stay gone for long :slight_smile:

How are you, mate? I thought you left to focus on studies?

Beanie :slight_smile:

Hey mate!

I had to sort some issues out (Confidential) and had a good talk to the moderators. However I assure you I am back and better then ever. Things will progress and move forward now… :slight_smile:


Fair enough :slight_smile:

You’re going to have to work extra hard now, your number of posts was well into 4 digits, and now you’re on…

… 26 :slight_smile:

Good to have you back, anyways :slight_smile:


No worries mate.

I don’t go for high post count anymore. :wink: And as always, It’s GREAT to be back ! O0


5 th time ;D Geez Josh :stuck_out_tongue:

let’s see…we could go for guiness book of records 88)

Did you delete the “leaving” topic? I can’t find it anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:

This forum is a black hole! - You try to leave it, but you always come back. 88)

(No offense to you, Josh, but are the mods recording your IP address or something so they know it isn’t an “imposer”? ;D)

Lol… :slight_smile:

Welcome back, Josh.
It’s better to have more Mods around here.


Hey you backward E.

Glad to see your name around here in this hopelessly insane off topic forum that revolves around a cool company.

You always have seemed to me to be a stable presence. Keep on being.

I knew it and foretold you’re coming back :stuck_out_tongue: