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I know this is going to sound extremely noobish but I still haven’t had a proper play with it yet so thought Id risk it and ask anyway.

I am planing to run several Joomla websites and I have run into the problem of file ownership on other setups before and needed to install suphp to overcome these problems and Im wondering if suphp is included in the install options or if there is other option for dealing with this issue of file ownership where joomla need to be the owner of its own files.

Steve (:KWL)

ZTL didn’t include suPHP Apache module.

OK so whats the strategy for running a Joomla website. This seems to be an issue I am constantly running into in that Joomla requires ownership of its own files in order to write to them. If I hand complet ownership over to Joomla ie www-data then ftp will no longer function correctly for the owner of the account ie www-steve . So anyone wishing to run a Joomla website needs a solution to this problem.

Some people say CHmod all files as 777 but I find this option unappealing and unsafe and Joomla just wont run properly this way. So that leaves two options that I know of.

1#suPHP (currently not catered for)

Q. What issues would there be in setting up SUphp manually and would it have an adverse affect on any of the other functions of the ZTL modules

2#suexec . ?

Now I have never used suexec for this purpose and would need some guidance in setting it up. I have read elsewhere thats it a bit tricky to get working correctly. Can this be done from the ZTL control panel :slight_smile:

I think you should use suPHP to running Joomla. But this will require recompiling Apache.

Thanks Vadim

Actualy I have just done a bit more research into this issue and Im now considering Apache2 MPM-itk on RHEL/CentOS

Do you know how I would go about installing it and any config requirments. Maybe this is a more ideal solution that could be incorporated into the control panel

Thanks Steve :o

This is an interesting module. But its use is a certain security risk.

I found ‘Apache2 with MPM-itk Support on CentOs’ guide here:

I did see this article, very informative.

You may be right about the security issue but I did try to follow his install but it’s out of date and didn’t work on centos5. It is available as an apt-get for ubuntu and was hoping to find an rpm for centos but no luck yet.

Steve :slight_smile:


I think it don’t depend on CentOS version but you should check apache version.
Then you have to get needed patch from home site: