JetAudio Jetupdate FP

Just wanted to let U know that with the latest BOClean update it now flags the jet audio updater file jetUpdate.exe as a trojan. Have done full scan with NOD & comes up clean.

Uploaded it to both VirusTotal & Jotti’s.

Screens attached.

BaNzI ;D

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If you got the prog from their original site, I believe that the Cowon Jetaudio Player is still the best overall HQ media player solution available. I think it’s an FP. Can anyone confirm this please? But no one ever knows…

I don’t really think Cowon would ruin their hardware sales by including spyware into their software. Now that really would be contra-productive saleswise.

Just my opinion.


But if you don’t trust them, just use the VLC Media Player for your Videos

and XMplay for your sound files

Both are best of breed players in their field.

Still, I would not think Jetaudio contains malware, and it’s a great everyday solution, the best, maybe.

Hope this helped.

ComodoBOClean has never flinched when i have ran JetAudio before & it was workin ok with no detection just before the last VXU def update.

I know FP’s can happen, that is why i posted here to let Kevin & the team know about it, i have the retial version of Jetaudio & not the freeware version.

I agree about VLC, great movie player but i mainly use WMP 11 for my huge mp3 collection, i like the tagging & cover art features :slight_smile:

Cheers for the post,

BaNzI ;D

The best way to let Comodo know is to submit it per our CBO FAQ:

Suspected False Positives?

Q: Where do we send the files that are being alerted on that we suspect are FPs?

A: You can email them to: malwaresubmit [ at ] .
You may want to specify in the subject line “False Positive?” for clarity’s sake.
As usual, zip and password protect with “infected” including that information in the body.

Already done ~cat~ :slight_smile:

Forgot to add it to my last post, silly me lol 88)

BaNzI ;D

EDIT: Weird thing but BOCLean just crashed for the first time on me while makin this post :o

If you prefer MS system data collection whilst using a rather comfortable prog (confessed), then stick with MS.

If you prefer to get the best possible sound out of your mp3’s, use one of those mp3 players that rely on the BASS engine system. One of them, amongst others, is XMPlay. If your ears are not able to recognize the difference, stick with your fav player.

Btw, the only prog to produce HQ mp3’s from your CD’s is, imho, ExactAudioCopy with old lame 3.90.3.

Just try it and compare to your collection.