Jbr2mon.exe help

So I was playing games on my computer when I saw that I got a virus called jbr2mon.exe, comodo blocked it, but apparantly it still got through? I get attacked like every other day, I removed it several times and my firewall and anti-virus has removed it several times. How should I go about removing this thing? I’m about to install geekbuddy because I’ve about had it. Comodo has removed it several times but said it can’t delete all the files related to it or something.

If it helps any, I was playing RuneScape not doing something I shouldn’t have been doing…sorry not really good at computers, I don’t really know how you get them other then how you get them on runescape.

please provide some more information:

OS? Windows XP/Vista/7/8? x86 or x64 (right-click on computer then select properties)?
What antivirus and firewall were you running?

You said that the antivirus has detected it several times, what was the generic name given to it?

While you provide the answers, my insight on this is that there could be a “helper” (for lack of a better word) virus that drops a replacement .exe each time the original is terminated/quarantined/deleted. Find that helper, terminate it, then quarantine both.

Could you please post a log of HiJackThis here?

Jbr2mon.exe is not a virus. It’s what might be inside. Did you scan it with virus total? Please provide the results so we can say it’s a malware or FP. Also the information which was requested by Spainach_12 will help a lot.