JAVASCRIPT from HTML to ASP will not work [Resolved]

The code I need to install is on the link:

The ASP Error I get is:
Active Server Pages error ‘ASP 0138’

Nested Script Block

/vpasp650/, line 4

A script block cannot be placed inside another script block.

I have been researching the error for days trying to fix. I have done EVERY fix I can find to no avail.

I have used the code on: and changed the path for secure_site.gif in it to cornertrust.gif as in this example:

Now this works and it looks correct but on the mouse over I have different and incorrect info than I would if using the code from the first (correct) link to the logo.

The first link in html WILL work on my site with the correct info on mouseover as in this example:

But when put into the htm page that is mixed to asp it throws up the 0138 error because of the extra script block. The trustlogo.html code only has the one script and works fine but puts the wrong info on the mouse over.

The info on the mouse over at needs to be on the mouseover in the main site.


I have submitted this to support with no answer. Situation is urgent.


The installation instructions for the Corner of Trustlogo are located at:

The details at on the support site are specific to the support site.

We email the Corner of Trustlogo to you with an installation instructions link pointing to:

Please visit the page mentioned to create the JAVASCRIPT to use on your page.


Just what I needed… works perfectly now. :BNC

Tnx for the followup, and I’m glad that worked for you! I’ll mark the thread as resolved and close it out. Should you need it reopened, just PM a Moderator (please include a link) and we’ll be glad to do so.