Java won'twork

How can I get Java to work. I know chrome did some kind of stuff to disable npapi or something…

Does this mean Java will never run on IceDragon again???

Chromium based browsers stopped using Netscape Plugin API. Mozilla based browsers are still using it.

Older versions of Opera classic browser didn’t use the Java plugin but used to call Jave from the browser. Plugin is not necessarily needed when running a Java app from the web.

Best practices is to have Java current but disabled in the browser via the Java control applet - security tab - unless Java is required on a frequent basis. Any web-site that needs Java will inform you that its required if its disabled in the browser. Furthermore, the FireFox browser will warn you if the version installed has security vulnerabilities, is being currently blocked, and ask for what you want to do, i.e., allow once, allow forever, block this time, block forever, etc.

Once its enabled ad hoc via the control applet, FireFox will inform you that its being implemented. If I’m not mistaken, I believe Java can be enabled on a site-by-site basis within the browser. That notwithstanding, its recommended to have it disabled in the browser as a matter of course. Again, unless it is required on a frequent basis, then for convenience sake you’d rely on in-browser notification - if you have ‘ask to activate’ configured - unless ‘always activate’ has been configured.