Java problems after 3.10.102363.531

Anyone else having severe problems with Java SE 6.0.13 after recent upgrade to latest CIS 3.10.102363.531?

Java Quick Start takes 100% CPU. Java applications (Firefox add ons) fail.

Attempts to uninstall old versions (6.0.7 & 6.0.13) and perform clean install of latest 6.0.14 java results in java extraction (zipper.exe) again using 100% CPU and failing to complete even though told CIS to treat as installer/updated.

This began immediately after the CIS 3.10.102363.531 upgrade.

Does CIS require a “SystemRequirementsLabs” installation? That mysteriously appeared on my system about the same time, and since I didn’t put it there. A quick google suggests it’s PC-games related, and since I’m not, I uninstalled it.

Any advice?

I’m running update 14 of Java and haven’t noticed any weirdness on my machine. (Win XP Pro SP2 32-bit)

I ordinarily don’t allow the quick start to run, but just enabled it and it didn’t peg the CPU.

What Firefox extensions are you having issues with? Aside from a few that aren’t currently compatible with FF 3.5, all are functioning as expected.

You could try updating your Java to the latest release and see if that does anything.

I’m curious though about the fact that you’ve apparently had some software installed without your knowledge. (SystemRequirementsLabs) Perhaps your machine is infected? Do you have any other AV/Malware scanners installed to give you a second opinion? There are some links here if not.

What to do if you’re infected - eXPerience Rev.3

When your computer is clean try disabling D+ under Computer Security Policy, reboot as requested and try again.

My system was already spotless. Well, admittedly SUPERAntiSpyware found a single tracking cookie.

The problem, as far as I can tell, was COMODO Memory Firewall – billed as a “set and forget”. Which I did (especially the forget part).

I uninstalled that app, ran CCleaner registry clean – only removed items related to CMF and the failed Java installation – rebooted and easily installed Java 6.0.14 update without any problems with the Java zipper.exe. Perfect installation. Actually I rebooted first to a start-up free (using Mike Lin’s Startup Control Panel 2.8), offline WinXP session and killed CDMAGENT (using Sysinternal’s Process Explorer) before the successful Java 6.0.14 installation – that had to help a bit).

Someone should have a look at CMF/CIS/Java(zipper) interactions. By my experience, something’s not right. I’ve linked to this post from the CMF forum.

CMF is now part of CIS, so you don’t need to install it separately. That may have been the cause of your problems…

SystemRequirementsLab. is, I believe, from a company called System Requirements Lab It used to be that CIS AV flagged the dll as a virus. I don’t know if it still does…

If you have any games installed, then it’s possible the files used by this process were installed by one of those. From what I remember, it can also be used in ways other than games compatibility checking.

As I wrote, CMF was an “install and forget” before the all-in-one CIS came along.

I would highly recommend that comodo add an automatic CMF-uninstall-check to the CIS install package moving forward. Seems reasonable to me, since they’re well aware that they’ve discontinued the separate utility, and doing so can only make CIS more effective.

Safesurf now gets automatically installed with the latest release (5.31). Check out the release notes here: .

Fixed that for you Eric. :slight_smile: