Java or Javascript to make smilies work??

For Siberlynx. Here you go SL as it is the weekend you can have a few on. Don’t understand why these smilies won’t work for me. Is there a box to tick / untick or;ascript:void(0)javascript:void(0);;javascrjavascript:void(0);ipt:void(0);javascripjavascript:void(0);t:void(0);javascript:void(0);

Thanks for the offer, I will :wink:

Do you mean all of them are not working or those “big ones” under [more] option?

What browser you are using?; what Add-ons? do you have blocked content like NoSript or alike?;; Java is not working properly there.; What Os & what Java is currently installed (I hope the latest 6/17 ?);
Is it happening on this site only or that is a “global problem” for you?
did you set using similes in the profile (despite I don’t remember that I ever touched/tested that… I may have a look or somebody already knows the solution.
I never had problems with that, since this site is “absolutely allowed… for anything” … even for drinking beers :smiley:

As for the main topic:

Here is a new request regarding re-enabled WF. but it’s a bit weird, since CIS is suspected (unheard of ???) I cross-referenced the OP (don67) here.;msg349195#msg349195


p.s. actually the code you posted is outside the “Code” tags - you can fix that