Japanese translation error on main GUI

CIS version:

OS version: Windows 10 Home 1803, 17134.112

What you did:

  1. Open main GUI of Comodo Internet Security.
  2. Click “タスク” button at the upper left. (“TASKS” button in English)
  3. “HOME” button at the upper left is wrongly translated.

What you actually saw:
That button reads “家庭内 (HOME)”.

What you expected to happen or see:
This should be something like “ホーム” or “戻る”.

A screenshot illustrating to GUI problem
A screenshot is attached.

Contact Alexander Suvak who heads the product translation for CIS/CCAV and use/follow this topic for submitting translation updates.

OK, I just send a PM to him. Thanks for your quick reply.

Hello yas,

I’ve checked the latest version of cmdres.japanese.lang file and see that our Japanese translator modified the subject string as follows:

<string id="IDS_CIS_MAIN_DLG_HOME" value="ホーム" />

Which is one of your suggested options. Thank you very much for your attention!

Best regards,

Hello Alex,
I’m so glad to hear that. Many thanks!