Japanese IQ test for job applicants + other tests

Here’s an quite old test. Post the final results, when you’re done ;D Ganda, don’t bother with this one :smiley:

Took me 3 minutes and some seconds ;D

The raft sank, overweight, hired, game over 2 seconds
Xman (:KWL)

Stupid raft. I did failed me once too >:( The prisoner tried to escape >:-D :P0l


That’s what I said Commodus especially if it was built by the Japanese in the first place, (no offense intended to foreign viewers) ;D
Xman (:KWL) :■■■■

1.30 min
Took me half a minute to get the last one over >:(


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Good thinking Commodus in asking Ganda to fore go this test, we all could’ve died of old age waiting for his resulting post… ^^ ^^ :slight_smile:

Xman :■■■■ (:KWL)

Wait a minute here, Commodus initially posted this test at 2:18 PM & Xan took 1hr .30 min to complete at 2:33 PM
Xan what time zone are you in, “Mars” time? That’s amazing!!! (:NRD) ;D


An hour earlier then Commodus I think… Does it matter, I was supporting for Belgium high jumping :BNC. And wanted to see the reviews :slight_smile:


Hey Commodus, want to see a great classic movie on rafts, find “Papillion” with Steve McQueen, he escapes off a cliff on a makeshift raft from a Japanese concentration camp on an isle in Asia, great movie!!!

Xman :-TU :-TU :-TU (:KWL)

I saw that movie :wink:


Haven’t seen that one ? What it about again ?
Commodus, should I split this or is it ok with you to keep this all in one ?


Keep it as is Xan, but let’s try not to go !ot! no more :a0

Yeah, otherwise I have more work ;). So nobody else dare to make this test, or are they all still trying :D.


Now a logical test, place back your answer here :


An animal is captured in a hole. it's 15 meter deep. It can climb 5 meters a day but in the evening it drops 4 meter again.. How long does it take to get out of it when we say that if he reaches 15 meter he's out ?

Commodus was wrong already ;).


AM on the 11th day

is there any gameshark code for this? ;D
scary game 88) why the mother hates their sons ? (:TNG)


bye bye samantha, we’ll always remember you… ;D

Put the policeman and the prisoner and row back. Take the policeman and the girl to the other side again. The prisoner will be left alone (a bit illogical, cos he/she should run away ;D). Pretend that the policeman hadcuffed him somewhere, like that tree :smiley: Get back with the cop and pick the prisoner and row back :wink:

You’re done ! :slight_smile:

yeah i know, i’ve done it :slight_smile: …in about 2 hours 88). you mean it’s logic that the dad wants to punch his own daughter? ;D

Maybe it’s two separate families dude ;D Dad with his two sons and mother with her daughters ??? 88) ;D

so what? the parents hate each other’s kids but they can get along just fine? 88)

you know what? once you failed this test, you should argue this thing to the boss. ;D maybe he’ll forget the result and still hire you ;D