I've found an application that connect to the internet without CIS detecting it

It’s a software needed to play board game online

Requires module.

Twilight Struggle(board game) module

The vassal software would connect to the internet but CIS would not detect it trying to connect to the internet or even connecting to the internet. :-\

The site mentions JAVA use, do you have rules for that, and could that be the cause of no alert?

I allowed JAVA TCP out :slight_smile:
Is that the reason CIS never detect it connecting to the internet?
The site only mentions that Java is required to play the older version of the software(archives). No mention of Java required to play their latest software though.

Defense+ works just fine it just spooks me when this software connects to their server without CIS ever detecting anything zip none even in traffic list.

Is it possible that the program is already in Comodo’s whitelist. I believe that if the file is in the whitelist you will not be alerted for most actions.

It should be easy to tell if it is though. Just look at traffic panel and you should see it if it is connecting. But yes, Java is Java and Java is “trusted” so it will go through.

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I don’t even see Java on the traffic list

Does the program send/receive constant traffic? Because if it is only intermittent, it may be too quick to register.

Instead, try opening the outbound connections window and see if it shows up whenever you get it connected to the internet.

Thanks HeffeD that was it Vassal.exe and java.exe registered on outbound traffic. Asssh me bloody fool. Thanks