I've done a clean install of ZTL -Centos version - very impressive!

Hi there, Just thought I’d give let you know that after playing with many different distro’s etc to set up a simple little home server I have decided on the ZTL you have just released.
I am a sysadmin of mainly windows shop and have been looking to replace my personal home server with something that would replace my current windows box that is bogging down with all the stuff that is on it.
I wanted something that was going to be a jack of all trades and this seems to fit the bill.

I have only one question at the moment - I want to install the SNMPD service on it and monitor it using MRTG but I cant seem to find snmpd in the yum tool. I presume I need to add a re[ository but I’m not sure what one. anybody got any ideas?

P.S. just a little note to the developers. The hot link on the logo in the web tool goes to ztl-centos.comodo.com which doesnt seem to exist :slight_smile:

Any way, Thanks for a brilliant product! (R)


Solved it.

Followed these instructions


Now I have another problem.

I have used Add Website Button to add a website called www.lopbunnies.hobby-site.com with a user called matthew. It has created it with the document root pointing to /home/matthew/public_html.

I copied an index.html into this directory which just had a little bit of text in it. When I load up the browser and point it at www.lopbunnies.hobby-site.com I get the following:-


You don’t have permission to access /index.html on this server.
Apache/2.0.52 (CentOS) Server at www.lopbunnies.hobby-site.com Port 80

Any ideas?



Yes (:SAD)
In the near future, this page will redirect to ztl.comodo.com

Please check index.html permissions. User ‘matthew’ must be owner of this file.