iTunes clash

I need to know how to stop CAV (V2.0 Beta) from constantly scanning my iPod shuffle (2nd Gen). It’s causing problems in the ejecting and syncing departmant.

Pls uninstall CAV 2 beta…

And refer here:


So I’m meant to wait for 3.0? Because all I can see is the 2.0 beta download!

If you’re having problems with CAVS 2, this is recommended. Better use something else meanwhile, and then switch to CAVS 3!


Take a look in this thread in the meantime, CAVS 3 should be out before the licenses are over ;D.


Ahhh, I see now, go elsewhere until Comodo release CAV3.0

DOH!! I really shouldn’t deal with tech issues before my morning cuppa!



I shall close this… :slight_smile: