iTunes cannot connect to store, bonjour is not detected by itunes,and no sync

Hello, after installing CIS 6, I have not been able to sync/access itunes store/homeshare. I had to uninstall CIS in order for itunes to function properly (as soon as I disabled everything my ipod suddenly connected and the other features returned), is there some sort of rules I can use so that it doesnt cause this problem?, I added as a trusted file in defense + and the firewall, but it was still preventing itunes from working thanks.

Note: I imported a configuration from CIS 5

The new interface is cool, I was just thinking that CIS wasn’t really stylish, my friend even said it looked like a trojan lol, and I glad you guys are moving away from the cliche shield icon

I have this same issue with the latest version of iTunes / Comodo - but I can actually sync (after changing the permission on all of the iTunes related executables that I could find, but the sync stops at calendar). If I uninstall Comodo, iTunes syncs.

Some advice / help would be appreciated.