iTunes (actually QuickTime) will not start if Comodo CAVS is ON

After a recent iTunes and QuickTime upgrade I started experiencing issues with iTunes. iTunes would start up fine right after installation, but after a reboot of the machine, any attempt to restart iTunes would fail with a mention that QuickTime couldn’t be started (and I could reproduce over and over again by simply re-installing iTunes).

I just disabled Comodo CAVS and rebooted - iTunes then starts properly. So it seems CAVS prevents some QuickTime service to load at startup. What can I do, how can I set up some kind of exception for QuickTime?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

PS: I’m on Windows XP, not OSX.

This drove me nuts too. Except my symptoms were a soft of reverse video effect in the iTunes main screen plus the screen not repainting after menu topics/dialogues were dismissed. I found:

so after removing the firewall (just shutting it down from the tray had no effect) iTunes was back to normal.

I spent a lot of time removing/re-installing audio/sound drivers and iTiunes/Quicktime before I found the above post. Viva Google!

Hi, sorry it has taken so long. It appears as if maybe Comodo is blocking an itunes process from starting. I’m not sure which it could be though as I don’t use itunes. The only thing I can currently suggest would be to exclude the itunes exe or maybe the entire itunes folder from CAVS on access scanner.


I am useless with things like this, my itunes is not working at all, could someone put it is really simple terms for me please?