Its time to confess and redeem yourself!

and where better than the Comodo forum! (:CLP)

So go ahead and confess your sins and ask for forgiveness and let other members judge whether they should forgive your or not :slight_smile:

(its all for fun :slight_smile: )


Hmmm… I’m starting small…
I got my new lens for my camera today… ;D
My girlfriend was not to happy about it, so i told her that it only set me back a 100 dollar… :wink:
The real price was 850 dollar… :o

I made a girly picture out of Ewen in the wallpaper thread, and feel badly about that. :cry:
I also keep calling Doomscythe, Doom-spice. ;D

I told Melih I agreed with him about open source OSs, when I actually had no idea what the hell he meant in his reply. ::slight_smile:

I thought, if AOwL is starting small, what kind of perpetual liar is he? ???

I keep taking things the wrong way on Comodo but I am working on it. :slight_smile:

I told my wife I was cleaning when I was actually making Comodo wallpapers. (:CLP)

I lied about feeling bad about the girly picture I made of Ewen. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

We ask the Great Melih for forgiveness !! (:AGL)



My confession is, I installed another anti virus and firewall that i’m very happy with, Be it that i couldn’t get comodo anti virus and firewall to work for me these past couple of days. Every software doesnt work for everybody. But one thing i must say, I don’t think any software is designed to work for years, once to many people find out about a particular software it goes down hill from there, it will either become trial ware or payware or it will simply crash or just plain ol’e not work. Comodo was the best firewall i ever downloaded while it lasted, I apologize if i seem negative or like a un happy camper, But computers are a pain there designed that way.

It was just a little small white lie… :-X
PLEEEEEASE forgive me oh mighty Melih and all of you other guys/girls! :cry:

hhmmm… forgiven this time around!!! (:LGH)


My confession: I am running a naughty club of my own at nights while Melih is thinking I am working at home :wink:

Well… I told my parents that I’d eat the leftovers. When I got home, I shared em with my dog. That may not qualify though, because he’s family too.

I think I looked at a naughty picture once… lemme check… yep!

Can you mail me that picture…? (:SHY)

Why not just put it here for you to see?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Lol nice pic ;D

Well, I was going to put a recipe for rabbit stew next to it. lol. :wink:



I’m printing that image right now… ;D putting it on the wall... (:TNG)

Errrr, ummmm… :stuck_out_tongue: Does this go back to your confession of being drunk? :smiley:



Well… ehum… NO! Of course not!
I just like bunnies… in more than one way… ;D

I would like to confess… LMAOOOOOO!You’re a sick PERSON! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:




SICK?! It’s legal in Sweden… :o

loll, remind me to NOT visit Sweden! :wink:



You won’t get in… Scomodo™ is part of the border-patrol… ;D