Its me again Martha,

Apparently Comogo Dragon is just not for me.
First it would not create a profile, manually created one, now it will not update the profile.

Installed and downloaded several extensions, set my options as as I wanted.
Restarted Dragon and got 8 tabs each pertaining to the extensions, went to each extension’s options and was as if they had just been downloaded, not as I had set them.

Reset each option as I wanted, verified they were as I wanted.
Restarted Dragon and AGAIN got eight tabs pertaining to the extensions, and
AGAIN the extension options were as if the extensions were just downloaded.

DELETED the profile (C:\Users\Mypc\AppData\Local\Comodo\Dragon\User Data\Profile 1), again downloaded extensions and set options, restarted,
Guess what!

How to I get Dragon to retain the extension setting in my Profile?
If I do not install extensions the base product works properly.

It was a cleaning extension that was cleaning out the extension database?, cookies? whatever.
turn off one setting and all is well, I think.

One thing about this, I now know more about Dragon that I really wanted to learn but as they say the best way to learn is to tear it up and have to put it back together.


Do you mind sharing what it was you did because I am plagued with the same issue.

It could be that there are two possible causes here, previous poster had a ‘cleaning’ extension that cleaned up a bit to much (Click&Clean for example).
The other thing is that a few users are seeing the same behavior on the latest 22.0 release, so it could also be a bug by now.

Are you running 22.0, and did it start after the upgrade?