Its hard to find any time for sleep..

When comodo has such a great forum! (:LOV) (:LOV)

But Iam going to sleep soon, with my nice gf. (:KWL) (:HUG)

yeah yeah, good for you 88)

i sleep alone

goodnight :wink:

I thought you were used to it Ganda ???


yeah, but you don’t have to brag about your gf in my face >:(

@ monkey_boy: this thread is meaningless unless you give us your gf’s pic ;D (:TNG)



LOL :slight_smile:

have a nice dream :slight_smile: (not for you, it’s for your gf 88) )

Yeah, wish him a goodnight ;D


You are correct I guess…
This is for ganda… =) (attached)

(:KWL) (:LGH)

[attachment deleted by admin]

wow, i could use one of those lovely gf