Items on the startup list. File not found. Autoruns

Autoruns (by Microsoft/Sysinternals) is detecting three “files not found” from Comodo Time Machine.
In the sequence, I post the three registry keys related to them.
The files are there on the right folder.
If you delete the entries, the computer BSODs :o

Why aren’t the files detected by Autoruns?
Seems like a “rootkit” behavior…

[attachment deleted by admin]

No, They are not rootkit. There are drivers of CTM. You can find them on Windows\System32\Drivers. File names are same with registry entries. You can’t delete these registry entries. Else you will get BSOD always. Driver files were protected by CTM but registry entries. You can just see them but you can’t access these files directly.

That’s all.


Sorry. Of course. I was just thinking aloud, I mean, the behavior into Autoruns seems like that.

Why can’t other programs (like Autoruns) reach that files?

As I said, the files were protected by CTM. So that other programs can’t access them directly. This is technical details of CTM. I can’t talk anymore.


Thanks Doskey.
I didn’t want to discover any software secret, just the general rule or behavior.