Italian translation

I’m wondering if an italian translation of Comodo Firewall is planned or what. I wish to give my help to translate. Let me know how to do it.

hehe don’t worry Mauro. When comodo will be ready for making a multilingual version of CPF and other products, I’m sure that Melih will let as know. :smiley:

ps. Melih when will come this moment?


July :slight_smile:
(but don’t hold me to it :slight_smile: )


Needing anybody else to translate to Italian or to portuguese (Brazil) you can count on me as a volunteer … I am italian but live in Brazil (100% fluent in both languages) !!

Thanks for the offer :slight_smile:


If you need an extra hand in translating to italian, I’m bilingual since birth and I’m also a tech. Hopefully, an intelligent translation could be made (I’ve seen some pretty horrible translations done for some software).

Thanks for the offer TheFireKnight…
soon we will require some help :slight_smile:

If you need help for a german translation, let me know, count me in.
I am native german.