"IT"? What's It Stand For?

I keep seeing the word “IT” at a lot of places online. What in the world does it stand for!? And what do they mean by “IT”? Please help me figure this confusing ??? word “IT”! I know there is a website called “IT Knowledge 24” but as for the word “IT”, I have no idea what they mean by “IT”. Please help w/ this!

Information Technology.

Inexcusable Tragedy

Big thanks to you. :smiley: ;D Now I know what it means. In case I forget, I can always come back here. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Just Wondering, what’s the meaning of “Inexcusable Tragedy”? I think “Information Technology” is what I was looking for. I still a big Fan :smiley: ;D of your business Melih & I’m still using COMODO’s Software.

I look forward to more reply’s from you Melih. :BNC (:CLP)

Indiscriminate Terror!

Keep up the excellent business.

I think everyone is having a blast coming up w/ “IT” words. :smiley:

Intriguing Theory. :slight_smile:

Idiotic Topic

As I said, “Everyone’s having a blast coming up w/ “IT” words.” :smiley:

Inexplicable typing??

The choice is yours.