It Shouldn't Take a 9/11 to Fix Cybersecurity (But it Might)

You can watch my Video Blog about this topic.


Best one of your videos Melih, very nice and detailed explanations :-TU

BTW, Kyle noticed and I can confirm - Melih your computers monitor is smoking from 1:40 ;D

Good videos Melih. Not only are computers releying on detection technology… so too are the people, Not doing anything about something until it happens.


all that hard work i am doing on it… thats why :slight_smile:

(its the humidifer i have in my office :slight_smile: )


Good video.

Must admin i’m kinda lazy… I use Sophos anti virus and nothing else. Did install Comodo firewall but the popups annoyed me.

Now i’m thinking I probably should install it again :stuck_out_tongue:

latest version has reduced the popups drastically while retaining the security…


I just gotta say, I am pretty sure this “9/11” will come in the computer world (:AGY) so I am securing all computers that I can so those I know wont suffer, Ofcourse I secure them with :comodo110:


Hmm , Interesting view but … (:NRD)

Americans had people who tried to reduce the chance of attack 9/11 but they faild … :frowning:
People have airbag now but die in cars is in incrase … :frowning:

I think huge work is ahead of u … :smiley: just dont get be sick of it … :smiley:
I wish u luck in your job …
I think comodo have great team …

now ill open one bear for you … :■■■■

I watched several of your video blog entries…they are quite intriguing.
Your goals (and your plan for achieveing your goals) are conveyed in a clear and logical fashion. Having a good plan and a clear vision has certainly led to quality products.
I think many people are thankful that you have allowed us to share in your vision. Keep up the good work.

Thank you Whoop :slight_smile: