it reminds me of DACS

Seems someone has been inspired by Comodo DACS project :

Release Timeline Scanner Scan your PC for malware with all 68-engines in the cloud. (Available today) ↓ Scan and Remove Scan and remove malware from your PC based on detectins from all 68-engines. [Portable version too!] (Q1 2014) ↓ Protection Platform Scan and remove malware with real-time protection. (Q2 2014)

Remind me again why DACS never became a thing? Wasn’t it some copyright issue or similar?

Some forum members were indeed worried about legal stuffs related to DACS.

Crystal Security is also like DACS.

I remember DACS being disturbingly familiar to some well known apps…

I’m sure “Why can’t we just use all the AV engines?” has gone through a lot of peoples minds.

I don’t believe we’ve ever heard why it disappeared…