it keeps saying "heur.suspicious@19687030"

i dont know what it means…is this bad?

Let me explain in parts:
heur is short for Heuristics. Heuristics deals with looking at behaviour patterns that may point to malware.
Suspicious.It means there was suspicious behaviour found that could indicate malware.

The number was made by the automated online scanner of Comodo. Somebody had sent a file
for analysis and the system judged that file could be malware.

What file is being flagged by Comodo? Can you give us the name of and the path to the file?

ahh i see, thank you for explaining.

ok well theres lots that are coming up with that… mainly to do with mozilla firefox which is wierd…

C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\uninstaller.exe

another one is…


^^That one appears a few times but sometimes the ‘Y’ is replaced with ‘W’, ‘Z’ or ‘U’

Thank you for helping me with this:)

The Mozilla uninstaller is most likely a false positive.

The other one is in the temp (temporary folder) folder. You can clean out that folder with CCleaner.

I will move this topic to the false positive board.

Hi ciara,

We are going to have a look at it and will get back to you after investigation.


Hi ciara,

This FP has been fixed.Please check in virus signature database 1358.