It is usually the ISP's who cut you off not Comodo

I am a newboy here but a demi-jon I mean demi god at home, I have read everything here and all the reviews and am still about to start using Comodo firewall after years of drag me down Norton.

My BT dial up nightmares turned into Talktalk broadband nightmares, my system plays up, NO my modem plays up first with blinking flashing signal lights then I lose whatever I was doing, have to switch off modem and restart windows xp sp2 all over again time after time.

I still have working a 1982 ZX Spectrum and my old business PC is an Intel 8.4MB with 640k memory and 5 1/4" floppy drive and a 10mb hard disk, I have programmed the lot, worked on them all in my previous occupations used them all to help run yesterdays state of the art business.

Stop blaming a free product be constructive instead of destructive.

If more people gave up their time like the people who run/ help run Comodo in many other ways what a nice world we could all live in and also leave to our children/ Grand children.

You will know who Keep up the good work, I think it is something of which you can be proud.

I don’t butter the host I grease the wheels and fire from the hip, stop the techie geek moaning ■■■■ and help build the free world.

If you find a fault or error report it, send in your tickets or whatever, stop poking holes in the boat and start patching.

There newbie has a moan for the right reason look to your ISP’s first get that stable and rubbish free.

The end I hope I will be part of building the future together.

I don’t see a poll here but I’ll agree with one thing: Comodo Firewall is the only firewall of this degree of complexity and professional features that hasn’t caused me connection issues, traffic speed issues, or application compatibility issues.

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That’s a cool first post :slight_smile: