It is a PITA to run the Desktop Client


I’m using Desktop Client of COS B3 and it is almost unusable to navigate the folders using Windows Explorer and the hard drive created. It takes up to 60seconds to list 15~20 files per folder. If i left the folder and go right back to some directory it will take all the same time over again.

Isn’t possible to make it more user friendly with some kind of buffer/cache? Just like dropbox or something? Like this I always avoid using this drive because of it slowness…

For better speed you can use “YourEmail[at]’s COSync” folder in %USERPROFILE% (C:\Users???).
This folder is automatically synchronized on all computers where you log in.

The drive is slower because the information is retrieved directly from server.

Or, my suggestion is to use other programs to access it (Total Commander or other similar programs).
Windows Explorer compared to other computer browsing programs makes a lot of requests to server when listing files.