It doesn't work - The net has been out for 2 days

Yesterday night 25/05

Maybe you were doing some kind of network debug or maintenance. We’ll never know…

Tonight 26/05

Finally, today we can get into our net but we all are not able to see or copy ours IP.

When are going to finish this extreme failure???

* CPU (32 bit)
* Operating System information (WIN XP SP3)
* Actively-running security and utility applications (without firewall nor AV)

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Do not double-post. Thank you.

I’m sorry I didnt know that. Can you answer my question?? Thanks.

Welcome to the Forum. MacrossVOXPTeam

When you fist made the attempt to connect (as per your post), I too could not connect to Comodo’s servers. TraceRT could not locate it either. This led me to believe the servers were down for whatever reason.

May I assume you are now connecting properly?

Yes, we are. A few hours ago, suddenly we became to see all IPs.

Is there any chance that you or your people (at news forum, por instance) put of some kind of warn or alert of maintenance I could be great for all we use this networks.

Thanks a lot for your answer.


from what I know new servers are going in at comodo so that might be why they have been cutting in and out.

Thanks Languy99. Now I understand. But I ask you the same question I did:

Is there any chance that you or your people (at news forum, por instance) put of some kind of warn or alert of maintenance?

nope, the new servers are going in because of the 30 minute updates that will be started soon and more servers are needed to handle the traffic.

OK. So, you are saying that soon we are going to suffering another temporary failure for only 30 minutes??? Thats all? Or Is It going to last more than that??

No I mean when the new servers go in you will be getting updates every 30 minutes.

Sorry, I dont get you. So, what will happen with the VPN network during these “30 minutes updates”? The nerwork will be offline?

No what I am saying is they are working on the servers for comodo AV, which in turn will make them good for 30 minute signature updates. While that is happening I would expect that sometimes other servers are also effected, such as VPN. I would give comodo sometime to get everything sorted out.