it doesn't backup files, only folders!

I’m new to this software…
Even if I set - apparently - correctly the include and exclude masks (. and *.tmp) the software backups only folders!
Can somebody helps me?

Hello dario,

Welcome here. Can you write down, please, your custom datas (or things like that). Or, maybe you should just delete the relative field contents?


Thank you for the answer.
Is this screenshot enough…?

As the help says, all outdated files will be deleted and you will not have them in the source place. It will be impossible to restore them. Basicly, maybe you only have the files - you have stored at the source folders - at the target directory but the files were deleted at D:\Dario, D:\wwwroot and the C:\Docume… directory. This means that maybe there are no files at all! As there is no file, there’s nothing to copy.

Was i right?

From the guide:

[b]Copy and delete outdated files [/b]- In this mode Comodo BackUp copies all the source files to a destination folder. Then Comodo BackUp compares new files with the previous. If there are any outdated files in the storage device, it deletes them. [b]Move and delete outdated files[/b] - In this mode Comodo BackUp moves all the source files to the destination folder. Then Comodo BackUp compares new files with the previous. If there are any outdated files in the storage device, it deletes them. Be careful using this mode. All outdated files will be deleted and you will not have them in the source place. It will be impossible to restore them. That is why we recommend this mode for experienced users only.

I think you are talking about the first type, but I’m using the second one…

all outdated files will be deleted and you will not have them in the source place” This is at the 2nd one - a help update needed anyway.

I’m sorry!
I’m using “copy & delete” not “move & delete”.

I should have see your copy&delete setting from the image, sorry. Nevermind, so what if you right-click the job and run it, can you please copy&paste the exact log (unless contains personal informations).

On vista, i found a very strange error, but it’ll write error message at least next to some files.

Thank you for helping!
In the log…
there’s a lot of “Deleting old files in folder…”
then “Copying file…”
“26/09/2007 at 23.08.50 | Compared 16830 files, 1676 folders.
26/09/2007 at 23.08.50 | Copied 16293 files.”

At end - at line 18190! - there’s “Backup “backup1” completed successfully.” but no files in the destination directory! …only folders!!!
Only in the Outlook folder backup there’s a lot of *.dbx files.
More: in the backup folder system properties I read “521 files”, so this is the proof!

Can’t figure out yet what can be the problem source.

  1. i created new backup
  2. named to backup1
  3. added 2 simple source directory and the outlook with .
  4. set up Copy with deleting other than source file
  5. set up Service Mode
    Have you checked anything else? If not, can you please try to re-create the backup job first only with your web server directory?

Since i don’t know the ~cause of this problem, i can’t report a bug, this is the reason i need your help.
Are you running this on XP pro? Are you administrator? Have the other directories different access rights than your outlook folder?

To check security, open the folder in windows explorer (ex. Win and E keys) then navigate to the folder and right-click on it and check it at Properties.

I don’t know what…
I’ve created 3 different backups for each folder, but the result is the same.
:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Hey dario,

Unless your D: drive got another security setting, please open a ticket with your PC config at the support page. I couldn’t reproduce the error on my system.


Was there any resolution to this issue?
I’ve just discovered Comodo Backup and thought it was exactly what I was looking for - ability to do incremental backups with deletion of the obsolete files (so that backups only contain up-to-date files)!

Now, once I started using it I ran into the problem exactly like the one described in this thread. I’ve done quite some experimenting and I think I narrowed it down.
So here is what I found:


  • Latest version

  • reproducible both on Windows Vista and Windows 2000

  • backup in Service mode, service runs under Administrative account

  • “Copy with delete” mode

  • destination directory is on the network drive that the service has access and all permissions

  • there are MULTIPLE directories to be backed up.
    Here is a sample setup:

  • source directories:
    C:\A (Relative Folder: A)
    C:\B\C (Relative folder: B\C)
    C:\D (Relative Folder: D)

  • Destination directory:

  • What happens:
    After backup runs I can see it has created all the necessary directories ans sub-directories on \backupserver\backup
    BUT… all of them are empty EXCEPT \backupserver\backup\D
    After checking the log I see that it DOES copy all the files for A, B\C, and D… BUT it deletes “obsolete” files from \backupserver\backup\A, \backupserver\backup\B\C and \backupserver\backup\D EVERY TIME for EACH of these 3 folders. I.e. the sequence is:

  • processing A: delete “obsolete” files for A, B\C and D, copy files for A

  • processing B\C: delete "obsolete"files for A (by comparing it to B\C - deletes ALL content of destination A, all files that have just been copied!), copy files for B\C

  • Same for D
    Result - only the latest folder’s files are preserved on the destination drive

Now, I’m not 100% sure but it looks like this only happens when service runs the backup. When I run it manually - no problems.

The following scenario also fails:

  • separate backups for each of the directory with same destination but different Relative Folder, like:
  • backup 1: Source C:\A (Relative path A), destination \backupserver\backup
  • backup 2: Source C:\B\C (Relative path B\C), destination \backupserver\backup
  • backup 3: Source C:\D (Relative path D), destination \backupserver\backup

And these are scheduled to run in the same sequence. Again, only the last backup’s files are preseved at the end.

The only workaround I found for now is to have separate backups pointing to different destinations with blank Relative Folder field, like:

  • backup 1: Source C:\A (Relative path blank), destination \backupserver\backup\A
  • backup 2: Source C:\B\C (Relative path blank), destination \backupserver\backup\B\C
  • backup 3: Source C:\D (Relative path blank), destination \backupserver\backup\D

This is quite cumbersome since I’d rather had a single backup for all of these folders.

Should I file a ticket or is this a known problem? I’m willing to do any testing required since I like the program and want to help making it better.

Now I’m using HANDY BACKUP software!

Sorry for the repeat post, but is there any response on this? This is something that keeps me currently from using Comodo Backup on much wider basis.

(Was I wrong posting this message at the end of existing thread? Nobody (of those who have Powers) notices it here? I was taught to use search before creating new threads :stuck_out_tongue: )

I have just installed your Free Backup program and this has automatically updated to Ver. on my Windows XP Home computer

I have read all the posts under this topic but none answer the basic topic question - “How to backup individual files”

I cannot select particular ‘files’ for backing up to particular ‘folders’ on the local drive. At present I don’t want to re-organise the filing system on my C; drive to move files for backup to a single backup folder. Please advise how to select individual files for backup - this is not explained in you Help “Creating a new BackUp Job”??

Also, can “Restore” work for various individual folders/files?

Hoping for your response shortly. Thank you. ???


I think you should use batch file for that purpose and run it before the actual backup, e.g.:

copy C:\Something\ C:\forallotherfiles\

and after the backup you can run another batch file to copy each files into your target directory, e.g.:

REM switching to drive M:
REM entering into the mybackup folder
cd m:\mybackup
REM creating example123 subfolder
md example123
REM copy the file from mybackup folder to example123
copy m:\mybackup\ copy m:\mybackup\example123\

Note that you can also use the move or xcopy (can copy/move and even synchonize some directories, et.c) commands, type in to Run…:

cmd /k xcopy /?
cmd /k move /?

… and so on.
To create a batch file, just open Notepad (start menu accessories), then type in the commands and save the file with .BAT extension after you’ve set up All files at the drop-down list (or it’ll create a simple text file).

Is this a good temporary solution for you?


Sorry for the delay, I’ve been tied up on personal stuff.

You could continue using the three different destination folders and then use a batch file to move the files to a single aggregated folder after the backups have completed. I realise this is an extra step, but it can be sort of incorporated into the backup job, using the “Run after…” command to have the batch file automatically run.

Not a perfect solution, I realise, but it might get you out of trouble until there is a fix.

Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. Have you lodged a support ticket at on this?


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