Issues with startup

Hey everyone!
I have been a happy Comodo user for almost ten years now, but I just started having massive issues after installing the laterst CIS update.

I’m running a Windows 7 Home Premium laptop - a Lenovo Y560. After installing the latest update, a lot of the built-in Lenovo software crashes on startup ( Lenovo Energy Managment, trackpad controller, sound manager etc.), or gives error messages for compatibility issues. It got to the point where Task Manager and Windows update started crashing. I formatted and recovered my Windows 7 install, and reinstalled CIS and I managed to replicate most of the startup issues.

Is this a known compatibility issue? I’d appreciate any input on this!

Can you check the file list for these programs and see if the rating is unrecognized? If they are, change the rating to trusted as its possible they are being sandboxed on startup and can’t function properly when running in the sandbox. Another suggestion is to add the applications in question to the Exclusion list for ‘Detect shellcode injections’

Thanks for the reply. I dug around the forums better and found this topic, which seems to refer to the same issue.