Issues with account since ordering Trustconnect, wish to cancel immediatly.

Full name: available if requested

Account: Strategic

Order Comfirmation Number: Available if requested.

License Key: available if requested

E-Mail: available if requested

Subscription ID: Not received

Product: Trustconnect 7 day free-trial.

I expect the order to be canceled before the 7 day free trial, thanks for the help.

Reason for cancelation: Trust issues with the Comodo Company, very phisy activity with my account after ordering product, don’t feel
comfortable ordering any comodo products anytime soon (which is a tragedy since I was about to order comodo internet security complete)

Hi TechnoFerret,

Please follow the requested procedure for cancellation.

If you would like to cancel the TrustConnect Trial license then please send your request to Please remember to include your: login, email, order number and a brief reason for cancellation.