Issues with a trusted zone

Hi guys… sorry to bother only because i have some troubles, but hey, everybody starts like that:

I have my pc with a trusted zone, and it worked pretty much ok in other firewall, but when I changed to comodo, well… I created the rule to allow it, and it worked for the first time but never again. Uninstalled CPF, created the rule yet again, and worked, but as the trusted zone is not an permanent connection, i disconnected and the other user and when i want to connect again won’t work. Notice that i’ve been using the a Xbox but as a local machine, so:

  1. Do i have to create the rule every time i want to see my shared folders from the xbox?
  2. Why if the rule is setted every time I try to connect the xbox doesn’t recognize the workgroup?

Please note that the Xbox DOES have internet connection because I already shared it, and I can connect via FTP…


the same for me…no one can fix this problem