issues regarding disk space

i’m receiving this error:

“CTM detects the computer is running low on free space. You need to delete needless snapshots and run system maintenance to reclaim more free space”

my windows partition, the only one monitored by CTM, has 21gb of free space
i only have one snapshot in CTM, taken yesterday

after this message appears, the computer is becoming very unstable, cpu and memory use go up and it eventually freezes

i’m uninstalling CTM until the problem gets a solution

EDIT: great, now i’ve discovered CTM deleted my project files, which weren’t even on the monitored partition
and i’ve chosen to keep the system state at uninstallation

now who is responsible for this?

Weren’t you warned by your own post around 2 months ago?;msg379947#msg379947

nightfever, this subject has been somewhat thrashed in these forums. Please read the following threads that are oneway or another related to “low on free space” message.