Issue with forum email

Hi, I’m not getting any email notification from the forum, also password reset email.
All settings seems to be fine in my profile.

How I can report this to Comodo Staff and have support?

If I forgoet password I will be unable to login

you can report direct with the staff via personal message;
report it in channels support: Comodo Cybersecurity Support for Free and Paid Products
try report this too in provides email…

Hi peopleinside,

We have already requested our back end team to check your email issue, we’ll get back to you as earlier as possible.

Today I received a password reset email and other forum email notifications.
I was not able to log-in in the forum anymore due to impossibility to reset the password.

I’m happy to see you take care about my report at the end.

Seems still not get email again.
This time I was able to login but password email is not sent maybe so also reply to topics?
Don’t know have to see but you seems having issue with emails.

Update: this time email arrived with delay and was in the spam so maybe not a good email configured well and spam free but is working.
Happy to see this.