Issue with dial-up and GPRS connections

Hi all!

I faced a very interesting issue using Comodo 2.3 and 2.4 paired with Active Virus Shiled.
On my laptop I usually use Wi-Fi connection, and it works OK.

But sometimes I have to connect via phone modem (non-xDSL) or GPRS. In this case the first connections goes OK, but if I close connection and try to reconnect, I get different errors (31, 691 etc.) and no connection. Sometimes connections establishes, but with no traffic. Restart of the system helps, the first dial-up or GPRS session after reboot goes OK, but the second and the following fail until next restart.

I removed Comodo, and this error disappeared. But I like Comodo and wonder if it’s any solution.

Thank you!

P.S. Sorry, if this issue was discussed already, I simply could not find it.

Yours faithfully, Leo

Hi Leo, welcome to the forums.

I’m also a frequent GPRS dial-up user. I’ve used CPF with GPRS on W2k & XP without any problems of the nature you have described.

What is the GPRS component? A PCMCIA card or a mobile phone?

Thank you, kail!

I use an USB Bluetooth dongle (driver IVT BlueSoleil v.2.4) and Sony Ericsson K750i mobile (operator Beeline, Russia).

For dial-up I use built-in modem “HDAUDIO SoftV92 Data Fax Modem with SmartCP”.

System: Laptop VAIO VGN-FJ1SR, Centrino Sonoma, Windows XP Home SP2 Rus with all updates, Pentium M 740, 1 Gb RAM.

Thank you for help! :slight_smile:

Does setting CFPs Security Level to “Allow All” resolve the problem (I suspect not)? Are there any corresponding messages in either CFPs Log or Windows Event Logs relating to the dial-up failure?

You’re right, “Allow all” does not resolve the problem…
CPF log says some “Outbound violation”, but all of them refer to the first attemtp to connect (the first connection is successful). The other attemtps to connect does not have any log entries they may refer to…

One of Russian forums of Comodo advised to reset WinSock, but it helps to connect next time only, but doesn’t resolve the problrm on the whole.

I suspected that Allow All wouldn’t work as this does sound like a very low level problem… mainly because the whole of dial-up networking fails (ie. both land line & GPRS dial-up fail). I recommend that you go to Comodo Support, register on their system & raise a support ticket on this issue. Remember to give support all the details you have… including that it works if you uninstall CFP (important this bit). Also please post back any feedback or resolutions that support give you. Thanks.

Another user with gprs resolved this problem by disabling “do protocol analysis”.
Can you give it a try?

OK, thank you, kail! :slight_smile:

I will do it on weekend and post the result!

Thank you!
I tried to disable, reboot, but it did not help, unfortunately :frowning:

Keep experimenting…

Hi all!

I’ve found the reason of all the problems! :slight_smile:
I uninstalled Active Virus Shield, and now everything works fine!

So, my advise to all Comodo users: do not install AVS (and, probably, Kaspersky AV), if you plan to use dial-up or GPRS.

Thank all for help!

Hi all!

I got a reply from Comodo tech support.

"Hi Leo,

Thanks for your details.

We will try to investigate this in our lab and if we can produce will come up with necessary updates in next release version 3.0.
Technical Support"

So no hope for better in this release…

Hi Leo

Sorry to hear that. Looks like Support are having trouble reproducing it. Is AVS free? I could give it a whirl, the extra info might give Comodo Support something to go on.

They requested no additional information…
AVS is free, available here:

I have 4 friends, who followed my advise to install Comodo and AVS, and all of them experiencing the same bug, so I do not know Comodo support has any troubles reproducing my software environment and bugs :wink: