Issue with Comodo DNS (False positive)

there are an URL that Comodo is blocking but is an antivirus download URL.

I think is a false positive, where I can report that?
I installed Comodo Firewall and removed CSI, I AM now testing the firewall seems work better than CSI.

CSI give to my PC performance issue and also was not running well was frozen and also made my PC frozen so I installed another antivirus and I continue to use Comodo Firewall but is DNS is blocking a non malicious URL. I want report that, where I can do?



You can report the site if you are sure it is safe here:

Please remember to follow the instructions on the first post on how to do this.

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Thanks a lot Mike also for moving my post sorry if was not in the right category.
Wish to you a very great time!

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You’re welcome, glad to help. :smiley: