Issue with CAVS - HIPS Manage button cause Control Panel to close

After reading the first sticky I’m guessing the answer will be “Wait for CAVS3”. However, just in case this has been overlooked and as I couldn’t find another post regarding this issue, here goes.

In the Control Panel → HIPS Application control → General, if I click the “Manage” button to check the Block/Allow list, the resulting dialog box opens briefly then closes and with it closes the Control Panel.


Hi cswinney

Check out this thread. I think you will find your answer there.


Thanks John. In a fashion it has answered my query. The problem is though I’m not sure what application is causeing the window to close and how many apps have been added to HIPS.

I guess it wont be too long before v3 is out though.


End off July… :slight_smile: Getting CLOSE.