Issue regarding the browsers pane of CIS


I have noticed lately an anomaly regarding the browsers pane of CIS which does not include other installed browsers like IE 11 or Opera 50.0.2762.67 (PGO) in Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 the 64-bit edition. The only browsers displayed are those from Comodo as shown in the attached screenshot (2018-01-27 13_31_09-COMODO Internet Security Premium 10_Pane).

Other info:
The used CIS version is:
The operating system has the latest patches installed.
CIS runs on a PC with system info. in the attached screenshot (2018-01-27 13_41_04-System).

Can this be a bug in some Windows configurations? Can anybody reproduce this on a similar computer?

Any kind of answer would be helpful.
Thank you

Team will try to re-produce and get back.


Hello, adi79.

Could you please provide mentioned screenshot (2018-01-27 13_31_09-COMODO Internet Security Premium 10_Pane)? I do see it in attached files.

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I once had this issue with firefox not showing in the browser pane of the widget but then after I installed secure shopping and rebooted it showed up. Maybe try that to see if the browsers show up.

Hi ,

Yes indeed that screenshot (2018-01-27 13_31_09-COMODO Internet Security Premium 10_Pane.png) was missing for some unknown reason.
I reattached it and it should be there now.

And regarding the installation of secure shopping this is something with I did together with CIS which was also reinstalled and then I rebooted the system but this did not fix it.

Thanks for your answers

Please check with Comodo Internet Security v10.2.0.6504 - BETA Thank you.


I checked but the online installer Comodo Internet Security v10.2.0.6504 - BETA did not work
I will do this again later on.


Because it is a beta release you need to follow the steps provided in the post to install it, also a newer beta is now available here.

Ok thanks I will try this


I have just installed the latest beta but there is no change in how the browsers pane looks like.

Hi, adi79.

We have checked the issue on Windows 7x64 and Windows 10x64 with installed CIS v6514 and it wasn’t reproduced on our side.
Could you please check on this version and provide us the results? Thank you in advance.

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Yes I will check this and give you an answer as soon as I can.

Thank you for your answer


I made the same installation on Windows 7 64-bit and I had the same results, it still did not work in my configuration.
I started to believe that there is something that only works for some Win. configurations and for some it does not. I still can’t say what is different on my side
but it is the hw. config or the Windows config or both. Some registry issues may cause this too. You can try cleaning the registry with CCleaner and then install CIS
probably this is what brakes it. This is what I did before I installed it.

In my case still does not work. I attached the screenshot with my CIS version.

Hi again,

I installed Firefox and it works as you can see in the attached screenshot.
But I also reinstalled Opera and it still did not work nor IE works.
Just reinstalling CIS will not do because it does not seem to uninstall correctly when that option is used. I wanted to delete everything
but it left files and settings behind. And CIS also loads very slow after startup and that’s where it fails to find all the installed browsers. I have a lot of disk activity at startup while CIS is not present in sys tray and also the panel is not on desktop.

Did you also find some behavior I have just described? If not then my Windows may be broken.

Opera is not a supported browser for widget shortcut or for use with secure shopping, so it is normal that it is not showing up. As for IE make sure you have IE11 installed and that it is not a disabled windows component.


I have IE11 (version in attached screenshot) installed and functional. I made a clean installation of CIS and it still does not work and even worse now secure shopping does not work any more, it
just doesn’t start. This should be reproduced on a similar PC with a similar configuration because I have just noticed on the PC of a fried that on a 32-bit version of
Windows 7 without patches installed everything works just fine (Opera is also detected).