ISE wont install

After uninstalling the RC and installing the public version, I no longer get the option to install Internet Security Essentials.

Can I download the latest version from somewhere?



I was noticing the same thing, and when I searched it online, I came to a page where there was a price tag attached to it.

Is it possible they withdrew ISE and it’s now an upgrade feature included with the paid version?

You sure it’s gone? Even using the Comodo Uninstaller doesn’t uninstall ISE . . it’s a separate application and should be listed in Control Panel

Regarding Comodo internet security essentials (ise), I don’t know if it’s overkill but I ran the online CIS installer and saw the option for ise. Then a reboot and still no ise installed. I checked the program data folder and found the ise installer in there. Ran it manually and it now shows up as installed. What’s strange and that I don’t understand are the version numbers. There are both a file version and a product version, which are different. ise v1.6.13835.185 vs ise v1.6.472587.185 respectively.

Installed on win 10 however it is not installing Internet security essentials component although i did choose its installation. Can anyone pls confirm? Thanks

A few have mentioned this, but if you go to C:\ProgramData\Comodo\Installer . . . you should be able to find the ISE Installer and run it from there

i used to install the internet security essentials but recently saw it only supports internet explorer :

or is it an old Doc?

Hello aigle,

Thank you for contacting.As per Ploget comment did you found the ISE installer ?
Have a nice day!

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Hello nickfree,

Thank you for reporting.Let me check that with corresponding team and return back to you.
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Thanks, got it. :slight_smile:

Yes got it but waiting for another reply from you regarding which browsers it supports. If it supports only IE then it is redundant IMO.


ISE works with IE and chrome based browsers and any browser that uses the Windows certificate store to check the SSL/TLS certificates of websites.

Thanks. Good to know that.

so not Firefox?

It can now, but you have to enable it manually :

This is good to know, but I wonder if there is any downside.

i need first to understand what is the ‘Windows Certificate Store’ and what is it that FF is currently using.
care to explain?

These are the certificates that Transport Level Security uses when confirming that a website to which you have connected via https is presenting a valid security certificate. Windows maintains a store of these root certificates (in the Windows Certificate Store) which is updated during the Windows Update process. I don’t know Firefox at all but if would seem that Firefox is using its own certificate store for https requests? The link shows you how to tell Firefox to use the Windows Certificate Store. Since ISE also uses the Windows Certificate Store that will bring Firefox within the scope of ISE.