ISE Seriously Degrades Windows Specs

ISE Premium FREE has brought my 2 laptops to a crawl, One running Win 8.1 Pro with 8Gig ram and the other an Acer Nitro 5 with 32 Gig RAM running Win 11. I have tried absolutely everything with settings but no matter how I have it set I eventually get to the stage where I click anything to open on Windows and it takes 10 and 15 seconds to respond. Uninstall ise and perform a system restore to clear the registry of Comodo and both systems run smooth and sweet and fast.

I truly love the sandbox and firewall features and this is not about getting something for free but I am extremely frustrated that every single time I have tried to run this particular anti-virus and firewall it brings my whole systems to practically a Halt and on two occasions it has totally frozen my whole system on both laptops Windows 8.1 Pro and windows 11.

Having said that the mobile version from the Google play store has had exactly the same effect on my S9 plus my s5e tablet and my Samsung a71 on androids 10 and 11 in actually freezing the whole phone where I’ve had two actually force shut the phone down. I’m not a professional but I have had paid antiviruses for 10 years and also free but I’ve never ever come across this particular issue on so many systems and platforms and I am frustrated because I actually love the features but it is extremely detrimental to everything I am running it on.

Unless someone in these forums can suggest something to alleviate this problem I guess I will have to go with Norton or ESET for the firewall features but it is Comodo that I love but every single time I run into these issues. And no I am not running any other anti-virus and I have no other third-party security software whatsoever. I have also tried a variety of browsers including Comodo but it is always the result as if I have poured a whole can of glue over the internal systems this is my last port of call here in these forums. Advice ?

Thank you

Hi Gabby3xL,

Sorry for the trouble, may i know your CIS and ISE version?

I thought you should know that today with the latest version of Comodo Firewall your software created a DNS LEAK on 2 of my laptops, Win 8.1 and Win 11 BOTH with a Paid VPN and with multiple tests Comodo is creating it’s OWN servers with just the firewall and they are servers separate to my PAID VPN and I’m no expert but I take that as a security breach/risk and just not on. I did not install a Comodo VPN, Nor an AV and you are taking a liberty. I uninstalled Comodo, cleared all the stuff it left behind and reboot and ONE sever of each of the EXTENDED DNS leak tests on .com and various other tests. 100% you are creating your OWN servers on top of my paid VPN and I have lost all faith in Comodo and that’s on 2 systems with 8.1 and 11. I’m moving on as my security is paramount. I have screenshots and data, I have a techie friend who can verify but I’m taking Comodo off all my devices.

You may have selected to use Comodo’s DNS servers at some point during install. And it sounds as if you are jumping to conclusions prematurely.

With all due respect I always untick every single box upon installation it is a well known fact that if you install blindly Comodo will change a lot of things and I can categorically state 100% that every single box was unticked. To repeat I categorically state that every single box was unticked I did not leave that box ticked and despite that the software created its own servers which was very evident on the multiple DNS tests I did across the world. Please do not suggest I am stupid though I may not be qualified with computers I have had 10 years experience with them and I am actually qualified with telecommunications electronics by which I am saying I am not as thick as you suggest I am. If I untick literally 100% of all the boxes I do not expect a software to override that so I have uninstalled all of the software you have here and I am saddened that I have to actually go elsewhere for security when it is Comodo I love but I cannot trust the product anymore. Once again please do not suggest I am thicc or prematurely jump into conclusions the screenshots and videos do not lie and with every single box unticked your Windows version of the firewall alone please note the firewall alone without the anti-virus created several DNS leaks and I call that a major security worry and I’m not going to fold this up anymore I have the video I have the screenshots and I’m not thick as two short planks like you might suggest but you have a product here that could be awesome but there is no coordination between these products subsequently I am looking elsewhere to try and find a firewall that matches the awesomeness if it was working correctly of your software

ISE only works at system level and was still only compatible with Internet Explorer. I recommend trying uninstalling ISE (The installer will be in your C:/Program Data/Comodo/Installer folder should you want to install it again.

It would probably also be worth double checking your DNS settings is Automatic on your system under each of your adapters. CIS has that option on install, as does Comodo Dragon.

I know that they are reviewing the installer and trying to address some of the issues so we will likely see less of these extras the next time there is an update.