ISE is Blocking Sites after I Selected to Block Certificate

Just need to know how to unblock. Thanks. I looked in the application settings expecting to see the unblock capability there, but it wasnt’ there. BTW, would this be in MMC->Certificates->Untrusted, because there are two there? I can’t check e-mail so I guess I will wait for a reply.

Problem solved with a system restore.

Just to clarify for anyone who reads this, The options were present on the ISE gui for changing rules, but there weren’t any rules showing there. This is why I thought they might be in the untrusted certificates folder.

I checked another computer in the mean time, and the same two are in the untrusted folder on that computer, so I assume those are there from Microsoft. Still don’t know where the setting for this would be for me to have regained access. I looked in the Google Chrome settings and everywhere else. Got e-mails back, so if anyone has an answer I would like to know where these settings are.

Also, is it not troubling anyone else that Comodo is finding untrusted certificates between PCs and Microsoft Outlook, Twitch, Amazon, and Yahoo!? I would really like to hear more on what this could potentially be, and thanks for reading.

Well as the help page states you can add exceptions based on certificates common name or a website, for certificates you can add either the certificate you wish to whitelist from the list of untrusted certificates that CISE has encountered since installation, or define the common name of the root certificate. ISE keeps track using its own method and does not rely on the untrusted certificates listed in the local certificate catalog.

Also this explains how ISE detects such untrusted certificates.