Is YAC(Yet Another Cleaner) Safe or Dangerous?

Have anyone heard about YAC(Yet Another Cleaner)?
I’d like to know that is anyone ever tried it yet?

I use to found it in and was named"iSafe Virus Removal Tool"
until weeks, months passed it rename into YAC(Yet Another Cleaner) officially
and create their facebook page as: YAC

Review from YAC author:
[URL=http://“- YouTube”]- YouTube

But this is my virustotal check result after download is:

These website not only free download malware cleaner only.
But also possesed many data about malware:
Also the feed back from user are so good.
Also the site tagged Mcafee and Norton for increase it’s credits.
but the virustotal scan result look so opposite that made me stunned. ???

So I’d like to know is anyone here ever tried YAC yet?
I need to make sure before install to avoid busted. :-X
It’d be nice if someone made Test Review for YAC it’s very lack on youtube.

The WOT reviews for the site do not look promising:

i am using it, it works well.

If only one scanner at VT thinks it is malicious then one could assume a false positive. You could upload it again and have it scanned once more to see if other scanners changed their minds.

I just report them for False detection :-TU

Sorry for very late reply.
Thank you, for confirmation I’ve install & try it myself.
YAC very good extra pair with Comodo.
I’ve use YAC as main virus removal tool & block active backdoors.
While Comodo done the real time, sandbox, firewall, hips protections.

I’m very happy with this very tough defense.

I have used YAC for some time now i do find it usfull, but recently i have got this error message when i have an unstable OverClock running on my computer. (For thoes who dont know what dose or what it is, it just mean my computer can crash a lot)

I got this message form the Installer

The “-virus” is a bit suspicious.

So for now im getting rid of YAC intill i know, why that can happen.

Read 14589 times with 6 replies ? There is a ghost in the machine. :slight_smile:

I am one of the technique people who developed this software. “-virus” is a parameter added by us. It should be added to the packet so that the virus detection function can be enabled. In other word, this parameter indicates whether the anti-virus feature is enabled. Therefore, you do not have to worry about it. YAC is a totally safe software. If you have some problems in using this program, reach me at yangshijian[at] For more information about YAC, I suggest you to visit yourself or contact us at elexdobrasil[at] We are at your service.

Please verify the software know as YAC “Yet Another Cleaner”. After i installed it i was unable to uninstall it. It installs with some other software called iSafe. There a a couple of sites that have recently classified it a Scareware. Not even Malwarebytes could remove it. Just wanted to give you that info on that software. Thanks


This is the email i sent to the site where i downloaded YAC…

“I recently installed YAC (Yet Another Cleaner) software from and it wasn’t what i expected so i uninstalled it. So happens that IObit confirmed the uninstall and also removed other files with “deep scan” option. After a while i noticed that i still had the software but know it showed up as iSafe. That was really strange so i scanned with Malwarebytes and it detected and quarantined it so i proceeded to use my PC and again i noticed that it was still running. iSafe. I then used Norton Eraser, Emsisoft Highjack Free, Super AntiSpyware, Norton Power Tool and also tried to disable it in Wins Services with no success. I have Norton 2014 Antivirus on my PC and it didn’t detect anything strange and after it scanned it when I downloaded it notified that it was safe. After the initial uninstall (YAC and not iSafe) which apparently was successful with IObit uninstaller i looked for iSafe in IObit but it was not listed. All this was really weird and i have never experienced anything like that before. So i “Googled YAC and iSafe how to remove” and a couple of references sited that this is scarwware / walware and had instructions on how to remove. I tried a few which where basically what i did before with the above mention antivirus tools with no success. One site mentioned to do a Windows “system restore” and that is exactly what i did. At the moment my PC is working fine and haven’t had any issues. One other thing, I use SOLUTO to speed up boot process and i noticed that now, in the Antivirus section, it tells me that i now have Avast Antivirus and not Norton which is the antivirus that i use. All this is so weird and i was so confused. At the moment my PC is running without any issues at all and i have searched for YAC and iSafe and can’t find any files or “anything” at all. I should say that when i did system restore i unplugged my PC from the internet service and did this because i noticed that this YAC and iSafe had blocked my internet access. Does anyone have any information on this or had this problem. Please contact me. I sent am email to Malwarebytes about this issue also and so did the same with the site where i downloaded this software ( ). Hope to hear from you guys soon…”

Hi, I am the online operator of YAC. I try to download YAC from the website you provided but nothing is found. I tried to install and uninstall YAC in several versions on my computer for several times, and all versions can be easily removed without any difficulties. Would you please send the installation packet you downloaded from to us so that we will analyze it for you? I doubt that the one you downloaded is not YAC or is just a modified one. Our support email is elexdobrasil[at] Please feel free to contact us. We are glad to help you deal with your computer problems, regardless of whether they are caused by YAC.

Is YAC digitally signed? If so then melen can check it’s digital signature.

Does YAC install iSafe as a sponsor program?

Hi, YAC has a digital signature. You can download it from our official site ( Then right click the installation packet and click Attributes. Select the Digital signature tag to check the digital signature of YAC.

Digital signature of YAC was added

See :;msg740063#msg740063

The VT report also shows the submitted file was digtitally signed and ok.

Is iSafe a sponsor program that gets installed with YAC?

Botcrawl says it is malware.

YAC is agressive site using huge amount of your resources. The ONLY program I found that removed ir is Spyhunter4 for which you have to pay

Hey all,
I’m the modest user of Comodo software but new to this forum, to come here i have learnt a lot of things and products.
Now coming to YAC Cleaner, as all are not that satisfied with YAC than other Cleaners. The thing is some guys posted the error images and more i came through them and i noticed that the path that they provided is incorrect so the pop-up appeared at the time of installation. By following the installation guidelines in the given link this may help you resolve the problem. Or download from the link from there. I was helpful from that site, so helping you guys. :-TU

Hi all,
It is highly recommended you download YAC cleaner on our official site And we believed you won’t get any pop-up problems when you installed using the packet from the official site.
BTW, if you get trapped in any problems that, you believed, is related to YAC, you can just contact our support personnel at We are at your service.