Is version 6.0.260739.2674 still a beta?

CIS just updated itself today (after I allowed it) and there is no “beta” in the version number. So if it’s not a beta where can I get the installer, since one on the site seems to be from 5.12.

Premium x86:
Premium x64:
Firewall only x86:
Firewall only x64:

So I assume it is final then?

Many continue to think so, although there is no OFFICIAL confirmation yet.

Users report lack of word BETA in this release.
Also be aware Windows 8 users are reporting fatal errors during installing, it appears to be case-by-case issue,
seen here:

and working here

Hey Jake
where you get the links ?
confusion reigns ???
cheers mate
Comments section of the release: Comments section of the release:

so no official Comodo release as of yet

upgraded from 5.12 on W7 x64 here no probs so far…

Changelog is under beta.;msg642179#msg642179

"Dear All,

You know that the link to CIS 6 Beta (build #2639) was removed as it turned not good enough for testing.

Please note the next coming public build will contain only translations made by Comodo staff (Chinese, Russian and Turkish). With this build on hand you will be able to test your translations which will be included in CIS major update/release in Jan 2013. The deadline for translations 14-Dec-2012 is therefore not actual anymore."

You are wrong.

Maybe, but that doesn’t bother me since I will not use it.

I don’t think they just “forgot” to add “Beta” to the version number…and during install. Also, program update never worked in Betas, only AV signatures update.

RC is one step above beta…

There would be somewhere labeled RC.
But there is no one :wink:

And why are they sending links for CIS 2013 on It must be final as I don’t think Comodo tests beta on unawared people.

I wanted that countdown…10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1!!!

It don’t look good for Comodo. They should kept it more secretive. Now a lot of people are confused…

No its a final release see

Yep u right :slight_smile: