Is version 3.9 final due to be released this week or another Rc?.

I was wondering if version 3.9 will go final this week with a few minor bug fixes, that seem to have been reported since 3.996 release, or if an Rc2 will be released?.Also i have read on the forums that a version between 3.9 final and version 4 will include some new features and other improvements.I wonder what members know about this version and its new fearures.


We will go for another RC this thursday


:-TU Thanks JimBell, I missed that quote from Egemen, but will wait until thursday and see what goodies the new Rc will bring.


When can we expect the 3.9 final?

It will probably be out on the 12th of May.

Could someone from the staff tell if they still think if version 3.9 final will be released tomorrow, or if it will be delayed? ;D


It should be delayed. The current RC2 is horrible, we really do need another RC.

Do not agree:)I like it.Yes,there are some things to fix,ofcourse,but it’s pretty good:)

+2. Fingers crossed for tommorow.


What problems are you experiencing? Horrible bugs ofc needs fixing prior to release. :-TU :-TU

:-TU I wonder if 3.9 final is going to be released earlier than predicted, later today as the thread in the Beta corner has been closed. We all know what that usually means!.Lets hope the final remaining bugs are fixed and that we may see a few nice surprises/ additions to the Great protection Comodo already gives me.


I’m sure the developers are fully aware of all the reported bugs in RC2 and will have them fixed prior to any final version being released.

This time the new version was very well tested. Many beta’s, 2 RC’s and 2 more partial RC’s.

I’m pretty sure that this will be THE BEST version ever!

GO-Comodo, GO! :BNC

Waiting in anticipation

Me too ! i´m using the latest beta and experienced no bugs until now.

How long until the release ???

Any time now.

It usually happens between the time I leave work and after I’ve had dinner. so probably another 5 or 6 hours? Could be sooner… Fingers crossed for all!

Maybe Eggman has a secret camera in your kitchen? “Now Eric is finished, let’s release the new CIS!” O0