Is Valkyrie Integrated Into CIS?

Like the title says, Is Valkyrie Integrated Into CIS yet? Rather than add to a 3 year old post, I started a new post as the forum software recommended. There are threads several years old talking/announcing the coming integration of Valkyrie and CIS, similar to CCAV.

I see nothing in CIS where Valkyrie is named. I see a manual file submission, an enable cloud lookup, and an analyze unknown files in the cloud by uploading them for instant analysis under “file rating”. Do any of these go through Valkyrie?

Nope and never will it seems, although if you wan’t to know what file rating CIS will apply to a given hash, you can check with For example a games executable is trusted at main but had an unknown rating at verdict valkyrie, which in turn caused CIS to mark the application as unrecognized. They fixed that perticular instance, but it is clear that verdict and main valkyrie are not connected and CIS only uses verdict valkyrie.

I appreciate the info. I see the 2 services, and I just uploaded a file at Verdict and got this: “500 Oops! Something went wrong. We are fixing it! Please come back in a while.” I’m guessing the service goes down occasionally. But the other service is working at this time. I also assume then, that enabling cloud lookup under file rating settings, CIS will be using the Verdict service.

It makes me wonder why they have 2 services that appear to do the same thing.


Indeed. But I think they are using Valkyrie (not sure of which one) for generating Malware signatures for Comodo AV, is this assumption correct? Although they are synchronized into CAV database with some delay maybe, is this also correct?

Valkyrie Verdict used for CIS according to a Mod here.

Yes but that applies to Cloud Lookup function. I am referring to Comodo AV Offline Database (In case users have turned off Cloud Lookup) and wheter or not it does receive signatures from, I remember someone said at the forums some years ago that Valkyrie was being used for generating signatures into CAV database.

Good point; would be nice to get clarification on that too.