is trusted programs too trusted? [resolved]

i set avast and imgburn as trusted applications in comodo firewall and then it changed to allow all incoming and outgoing requests. why was it set to allow incoming? isnt that a security risk?
in defence+ f-secure blacklight, avast, trillian, windows live messenger, and internet explorer is set as trusted. the only program i dont trust on my computer is utorrent but it is set to allow incoming to get it to work.

is this trusted mode a security risk? should i only use allow?

err i think you should use predefined “webbrowser” rule for that Internet explorer. :slight_smile:
and check this out for utorrent rule

i changed to the web browser rule in the firewall but i couldnt find the web browser rule in defence+, where is it? ie7 is still set as trusted in defence+.

there is none, It it just a trusted application. (You will still be modified if another executable attempts to modify your browser)

Comodo → Defense+ → advanced → my predifined policies

there’s no “webbrowser” rule on defense+ plus. i use “trusted” for my browser on D+.
the defense+ protects from unauthorized apps from running,it doesn’t have anything to do with internet connection. :stuck_out_tongue:

you two are exellent :Beer

so is it safe to set programs i trust as trusted in the firewall? or is incoming unnecessary? i cant understand that imgburn needs incoming connections for example. as i have understand the trusted option only sets the program rules to accept both incoming and outgoing, or does the trusted mode give other priviligies to the programs in the firewall also?

!ot! i just wanted to ask about something. i deleted my account on this forums and changed my username, but was it possible to change my username without deleting the account? is it possible for you to combine my old account and the one i have now and also keep the username i use now? it would be great if it is possible so it will be easier to also find my old posts, i think i havent found all my old posts, not with the search in this forum and not with google search.

i don’t know (:TNG) let’s wait for some geek ehm experienced guy to answer this ;D
all this time, the only firewall rules i use are “webbrowser” for IE & firefox & “mail client” for thunderbird. other than that i just block or allow it.
oh, but of course i use “trusted” for my AV & other program i trust. what else?
same with D+ rules, i only use “trusted” for known safe program, “installer/updater” for installer or updater (obvious isn’t it? ;D ), and other than that. i just allow/block it. 88)

errr, you can change your displayed name anytime you want, but i don’t know about the combining thing, i don’t think so. 88)

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errr, you can change your displayed name anytime you want, but i don't know about the combining thing, i don't think so.
i hope it is possible to combine the two accounts even if my other account is deleted, tell me if it is possible if someone knows it please.

thanks for the help by the way :slight_smile:

Nearly all applications are OK with the pre-defined policy of “Outgoing Only” save for things such as your Web browser,E-mail client etc,etc which you can use there own predefined policy.


i changed the ones that was set to trusted to outgoing only right now after reading this, but as i know utorrent needs incoming connections to be able to share files.

i was shocked to see this, i have 210 intrusion attempts and the number is increasing all the time. it seems it is avast that it is trouble with, the log shows this C:\Programfiler\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashServ.exe Blocked
is this something to worry about?

hmm, it’s a safe program so you should change the rule for it. maybe that’s why you should use “trusted” instead of “outgoing only” ;D
i use “trusted” for anything from avast :stuck_out_tongue:

i use "trusted" for anything from avast
then i decide to do what you say since i trust avast :) it was just confusing that two of you said two different things, but it doesnt matter, i set it as trusted :Beer

yeah, we confuse ourself a lot too (:TNG)

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